We understand that a major component to maintaining a healthy lush landscape is the necessity for proper watering. Applying the right amount of water in the right places at the right time is vital to your landscapes existence.

Greenland Irrigation specializes in design/build irrigation systems for residential, commercial, industrial, retail properties and condominium developments.

A fully automatic irrigation system accomplishes all of these tasks while you are sleeping or enjoying time away at the cottage. Water is a precious commodity and the benefits of irrigation are in its conservation.

After installation of your new irrigation system is completed, Greenland will continue to service the property on an annual basis. We conduct start-ups in the spring and blowouts in the fall along with monthly inspections as part of a yearly maintenance package.

At Greenland Irrigation we take great pride in providing top-notch service through our local franchise representation.

All of our installations are covered by a manufacturers comprehensive warranty for between two to five years.

...your landscaping will never look better!

We service all brands of irrigation systems and estimates are free.

Call our Toll Free number and we will take care of all your irrigation needs!



Greenland Irrigation Pipe Laying

During the construction phase, Greenland normally installs the irrigation system before the sod is laid after the final grade is completed.

A couple of months advance notice is usually required in order to ensure a co-operative effort with the landscape trades. In most cases, the General Contractor will provide the plumbing hook-up along with sleeving and 110-outlet plug for the timer.

Greenland has developed strong strategic alliances with many General Contractors, Builders, Landscapers and Developers.

These relationships continue to grow and prosper each and every season.

During the estimation period, we begin by meeting at your home to evaluate the property to design a system tailored to your landscape needs. We take a pressure reading to determine your water pressure and we inspect the interior plumbing to determine your water flow rate "gallons per minute".

A comprehensive layout of the property is completed on design paper, showing the exact location of all sprinkler heads, valves and piping. Areas of the lawn and garden are then sectioned into zones for customized watering.

There a two types of sprinkler heads available to the consumer and they are: rotor (left) and spray (right) heads.

The sprinkler heads are the most important product since they are the only moving parts. Rotor Heads are often used to cover large turf areas spraying between 25 and 30 feet. Spray Heads are more often used to cover small garden and lawn areas. The spray distance for a fixed pattern Spray Head is a maximum of 15 feet and can be adjusted to spray 5 feet if necessary. Spray Heads are more often used to cover gardens and small turf areas

The Controller is the "computer" which operates the watering schedule for the irrigation system. It can be programmed to run odd or even days, by days of the week, or by interval days. The Controller can be installed in your basement or preferably in the garage for easy access. Hand held remote controls are a new product now available for the controller.
The Control Valve or Solenoid Valve is merely an on-off switch for each sprinkler circuit. The Control Valves are located in the lawn usually inside a green box. The Controller is connected to the Control valve via direct burial wire.
Water for the irrigation system can also be supplied by submersible pump (below groundl) or by centrifugal pump (above ground suction pump ). For wells, it is important that the "replenishment rate" for the well be determined before the system in designed. The irrigation system must not exceed the replenishment rate for the well. The recommended pump size for an irrigation system would be at least ½ horse for a small lot. A three-quarter or one horse pump would be most desirable for a residential application for up to ½ Acre in size. Properties larger than an acre may require a larger pump and in some cases up to 5 horse power. Greenland will work in conjunction with the pump supplier to ensure adequate pressure and flow.

Each Manufacturer offers a complete line of timers, valves and sprinkler heads. There are slight differences between the brands. As the experts, we would be more than happy to show you the differences between the brands and recommended the best products to use. We tend to use only the best components from each manufacturer to reduce the frequency of service calls.

It is in our best interest to install only the highest quality irrigation products for our customers. Our time is valuable and we cannot afford to be doing constant repairs for warranty claims, fixing equipment failures, nor do we want a customer to be unsatisfied with our workmanship.

We value your business and we will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied with our services. We look forward to doing business with you, your friends and neighbors.

WARRANTY: Greenland provides an unconditional "5 year warranty " as long as the system is serviced by Greenland each year.
Vandalism is not covered by warranty and the standard manufacturers warranty is only 1 year. 



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